Survey of developing countries

INCET conducts various surveys in developing countries to understand the actual state of school education and teacher training in those countries and to obtain data that will help us offer more appropriate support for teacher education. In 2005 we conducted surveys in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, the Republic of South Africa, and the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. In 2006 we are scheduled to do baseline surveys in South Pacific Island nations such as the Republic of Fiji, the Republic of Vanuatu and the Independent State of Samoa.

Acceptance of JICA trainees

As requested by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), INCET receives teachers, administrators, and researchers from developing countries as trainees, making a contribution to improvement in the quality of teacher education in those countries. We conduct training with the cooperation of many organizations inside and outside the university including Tokushima Prefectural Education Board and General Education Center. We hope that trainees will continually play an active role in the field of education of their home countries by making use of what they learned through our training programs.

  • The list of JICA training course INCET implemented is as follows

  • Dispatch of project experts

    At the request of developing countries and relevant international agencies, INCET offers technical guidance necessary for those nations and advice on policymaking, providing on-site support in the education sector, such as building of people’s abilities in those countries and improvement in the education system. In 2005 Prof. Noboru Saito was dispatched to Laos as one of JICA’s short-term experts, Prof. Katsunori Hattori and Associate Prof. Hiroaki Ozawa were sent to the South African Republic, and Assistant Prof. Akio Matsuzaki was sent to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

    Registration of dispatched teachers

    INCET is working on the construction of a database for lecturers dispatched to schools and regional organizations in order to learn the actual state of developing countries and widely share the valuable experiences of teachers who were engaged in international educational cooperation. Currently, on the premise of the protection of personal data, we are compiling a database of the experts mainly in Tokushima Prefecture who have knowledge and experiences in international educational cooperation, and are looking for ideal ways to manage and use it.

    Supporting UNESCO Associated Schools

    UNESCO Associated Schools started as 「ASPnet(Associated Schools Project Network)」as a community which researches the experimental trial of education for international understanding comparatively and measures its adjustments for the implementation of the principles which are shown in UNESCO Agreement in actual schools in 1953. We will have our 60th anniversary in 2013.

    About 9000 schools in 180 countries in the world are participants of ASPnet and in action. Currently in Japan, 279 schools of kindergartens, elementary, junior high and high schools are participants of this network by January 2011. In Japan, if the school’s participation to ASPnet is approved, it is called UNESCO Associated School. UNESCO Associated School aims at creating an interaction between the schools in the world by taking advantage of this global network, sharing information and experiences among students and teachers and developing and improving of new educational contents and methods which make the young people able to deal with the various problems of the world. In 2010, our school joined the 「ASPUnivNet」network among universities which supports ASPnet. Since the participant schools of ASPnet in Shikoku area are very few in comparison with other regions in the country (participant schools: 1), our school aims at holding various events and spreading, giving information about UNESCO Associated Schools by visiting the schools in Shikoku Area. Also, it gives support such as the translations of application documents for the schools which want to join to ASPnet. If you want any support as teachers or schools, please do not hesitate to contact us.(E-mail)

    Supporting Japanese Volunteers (JOCV)

    In our center, we have been accumulated the know-how related to international cooperation for education until now through dispatch of JICA experts – acceptance of domestic trainings. In know-how there are education materials – tutorials – construction methods of teacher training system which can be beneficial for educational spots of developing countries and we think the volunteers who are in action related to educational purposes in various places around the world (especially Young Japanese Volunteers Overseas and Senior Volunteers of JICA) as people we can support in various ways.
    If there are people who are in action in educational spots of developing countries and want any support, please do not hesitate to contact our center. (E-mail)